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Friday, March 1, 2013

Conversión Analógico Digital CCS

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////                                                                 ////
////  This program displays the min and max of 30 A/D samples over   ////
////  the RS-232 interface.  The process is repeated forever.        ////
////                                                                 ////
////  If required configure the CCS prototype card as follows:       ////
////     Insert jumper from output of POT to pin A5                  ////
////     Use a 10K POT to vary the voltage.                          ////
////                                                                 ////
////  Jumpers:                                                       ////
////     PCM,PCH    pin C7 to RS232 RX, pin C6 to RS232 TX           ////
////     PCD        none                                             ////
////                                                                 ////
////  This example will work with the PCM, PCH, and PCD compilers.   ////
////  The following conditional compilation lines are used to        ////
////  include a valid device for each compiler.  Change the device,  ////
////  clock and RS232 pins for your hardware if needed.              ////

#include <30f5011 .h="">
#fuses HS,NOWDT
#use delay(clock=20000000)
#use rs232(baud=9600, UART1)

void main() { 

   int i, value, min, max;


   setup_adc_ports( sAN0 );                     
   setup_adc( ADC_CLOCK_INTERNAL );            
   set_adc_channel( 0 );                      

   do {
      for(i=0; i<=30; ++i) {
         value = read_adc();                   
      printf("nrMin: %2X  Max: %2Xnr",min,max);     
   } while (TRUE);

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