El presente sitio presenta diseños y proyectos realizados con Solidworks y otros programas 3d , además de laminas y modelos 3d para practicar en casa, con el único objetivo de poder aprender y explorar la capacidad de Solidworks, no existiendo en ningún caso fines de lucro.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Solidworks 2015 Sp1 64 bits

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Design, Routing, and Analysis Solution
A complete 3D product design solution, providing your product design team with all the mechanical design, verification, motion simulation, data management, and communication tools they need in one package.

Features & Benefits

Award Winning 3D Design Software

SolidWorks 3D DesignSolidWorks award winning, windows native, 3D mechanical design software. Powerful, easy to use, and innovative, the leading mainstream CAD solution. Evaluate more design alternatives, reduce errors, and enhance product quality. SolidWorks is the only product to offer the solid modeling power and performance to get any job done, while being intuitive enough for every engineer and designer to learn.

CircuitWorks PCB Design

CircuitWorksCircuitWorks is a bi-directional IDF and PADS file translator for the SolidWorks 3D CAD system. CircuitWorks is an add-in product which adds functionality to allow SolidWorks to read and write industry standard IDF or PADS ASCII files produced by Electrical CAD (ECAD) systems used for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design.

Compare Alternative Designs Easily and Quickly

SolidWorks SimulationSolidWorks Simulation lets you study different design configurations and choose the optimal design for final production. SolidWorks Simulation includes several types of loads and restraints to represent real-life situations, such as forces, pressures and torque. All loads and restraints are associative with the geometry and automatically update with changes in your design.

Simulate Assembly Motion

SolidWorks MotionSolidWorks Motion works inside the SolidWorks window and uses existing assembly information to build motion simulation studies. By combining physics-based motion with assembly information, SolidWorks Motion can be used in a broad span of industry application like estimating peak motor torque, understanding robotics performance during operation, optimize or minimize the force imbalances in rotating systems, etc.

Routed Systems Design Software & Fitting Library

SolidWorks Routed SystemsSolidWorks Routing software automates and simplifies the design of all types of piping, tubing, and electrical cabling systems. For designers that need to detail electrical cable and harness routes for manufacturing. Providing harness documentation capabilities that enhance productivity in the design of electrical subsystems.

Design Communication Tools

Design Communication ToolsShare product design concepts and collaborate more easily with SolidWorks Premium. Innovative design communication tools allow your organization to begin marketing activities early and streamline all phases of the product development process. The following communication tools are included:
  • SolidWorks eDrawings Professional - Share data and collaborate with your extended design team
  • PhotoView 360 - One-button Photorealistic Rendering for SolidWorks Users
  • PhotoWorks - Create photorealistic images.
  • SolidWorks MotionManager - Create compelling AVI files from parts and assemblies.

CAD Productivity Tools

CAD Productivity ToolsIncrease efficiency with SolidWorks CAD productivity tools that automate frequently performed design tasks and improve your ability to reuse previously created design work You can also check your design work and drag and drop parts into your assemblies directly from a library of standard parts.The following productivity tools are included:
  • FeatureWorks - Simplify the reuse of 3D CAD data created in varied file formats.
  • SolidWorks Design Checker - A timesaving tool for ensuring compliance with your organization's design standards
  • SolidWorks Toolbox - Automate assembly tasks with a library of standard parts.
  • SolidWorks Utilities - Work more efficiently in product development environments with multiple design changes.

Estimate the manufacturing costs of sheet metal or machined components

SolidWorks CostingUsing SolidWorks Costing, designers can automatically calculate manufacturing cost estimates to ensure they are within design cost goals, and manufacturers can instantly create detailed quotes that are accurate to their specific manufacturing costs and processes.

Convert Physical Models into 3D Geometry

ScanTo3DScanTo3D is an indispensable tool for any designer who needs to capture physical concept models, existing OEM parts, or anatomical objects and use these scanned renditions to build models. With ScanTo3D, you can easily convert extremely organic shapes to solid models. Plus, ScanTo3D can recognize analytic shapes, such as machined parts and consumer products, and can decompose and fit analytic or non-analytic surface types to the mesh.

Design for Manufacture Express (DFMXpress)

DFMXpressDFMXpress is an up front validation tool used to identify geometry that is difficult, expensive, or impossible to manufacture by conventional machining operations. DFMXpress can help reduce the time it takes to consult with manufacturing specialists by identifying to the designer geometry that may contribute significantly to manufacturing problems.


TolAnalystTolAnalyst is a tolerance analysis tool that determines the effect that tolerances have on parts and assemblies. TolAnalyst allows users to perform worst case tolerance stack up analysis on parts and assemblies by informing the user which tolerances contribute the most to potential design failure. Tolerances that do not impact the design goal can be loosened to lower the manufacturing cost. TolAnalyst helps ensure that designs meet proper fit and function requirements while lowering costs.

Upgrades, Technical Support & Value Added Resources

With Subscription Service your design team will have access to new software releases and upgrades, enhancement request privileges, live technical support from Javelin, and comprehensive online resources


• Procesador Core 2 Duo 2GHz o superior

• 2GB de RAM

• Tarjeta gráfica de 512 MB o superior

• DirectX 9.0 o superior

• 4 GB de espacio libre en el disco duro
• Windows XP en adelante

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